Boutique and Clothing Store Software in Mombasa

Some of Our Clothing Stores Clients

Royal Classic Mombasani
Mehka Fashion House
Unique Boutique
Tash Fashion House

SimbaPOS Boutique / Clothing Store Software in Mombasa is customized to streamline operations in Clothing Stores, Shoes Stores, Fashion Shops and any other fashion related businesses.

The System has the following benefits:

Interested in a Clothing Store Software in Mombasa POS System in Coast Region? Check Pricing or Call Us on +254 700 001779

Use Product Attributes

Easily Create products with many variations e.g Nike Polo Shirt with different colours and different sizes.

Track remaining stocks per attribute

See fast moving product attribute with a click of a button.

Mobile Reports

=> Travelling away from your business or busy with other engagements and worried about how your business is performing?

SimbaPOS Mobile Reports App will give you realtime reports on business performance

Know Sales, Stock Levels, Expenses and other details Anywhere, Anytime – without having to call your staff for updates.

Stay Ahead, Stay on Top!

Restrict Staff Access Rights

You’re always in control – after all it’s your business!

Assign your staff limited access rights so that they can only see what you’ve allowed them.

Add/Remove access rights anytime without any disruption on operations

Comprehensive Reports

Reports form the baseline of business intelligence, and this is where SimbaPOS will help you shine.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Any Period Reports □ Gross Margins Reports □ Stock Value □ Daily Sales Summary Breakdown □ User Sales Report □ Fast Moving Products Report □ Director’s Audit Report □ Sales Commissions Report □ Stock Status Report □ Detailed Item Sales Report Category-wise □ Customized Reports □ Export to PDF/Excel……Plus many more!

Customers/Suppliers Management

□ Create Unlimited Customer Accounts □ Sell on Credit to Customer Account □ Customer Activity Log □ Customer Credit Limit □ Customer Loyalty Points □ Receive Customer Advance Payment □ Supplier Accounts □ Supplier Transactions History

Interested in a Boutique Clothing Store Software in Mombasa POS System in Coast Region? Check Pricing or Call Us on +254 700 001779

SimbaPOS is committed to providing reliable, affordable and easy to use Retail Point of Sale POS System in Mombasa. We go beyond just installation – our mission is to become your partner in business. We have an existing client base in the coast region and keen to grow with you! Contact us today on 0700001779 for a demo/more information

Some of Our Clothing Stores Clients

Royal Classic Mombasani
Mehka Fashion House
Unique Boutique
Tash Fashion House
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We have used SimbaPOS in our restaurant and bar for over one year and I’m pleased with it. The software is very stable and reliable. I can recommend SimbaPOS to all restaurants

Michael S
Director, Royal Palace Restaurant and Pub
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