Retail Point of Sale POS System in Mombasa

Retail POS Kenya in Mombasa

The Coastal Region in Kenya is growing rapidly in terms of business. As businesses grow, it’s important to have reliable, affordable and easy to use Retail Point of Sale POS System in Mombasa.

SimbaPOS is the ultimate Retail Point of Sale POS System in Mombasa ideal for various types of businesses including Supermarkets, Minimarts, Cosmetics Shops, Wines and Spirits, Hardwares, Clothing Stores, Groceries, Water Vending Businesses plus many more.

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How can SimbaPOS Help Your Business?

In as much as some businesses have operated without a Retail Point of Sale POS System in the Coastal Region, it’s important to note that times are changing and POS provides many benefits including:

Automated Sales Management

=> You no longer need to manually enter sales on a receipt book and then painstakingly calculate the totals in the evening or at the end of the month one by one.

=>With a Point of Sale POS System like SimbaPOS, you can easily capture the sales on the computer indicating whether Cash, Mpesa, Credit Card etc and get all totals at the press of a button – anytime. The POS System is also more accurate compared to manual calculations.

Stock Management

=>Stock is the core element of any retail business. Basically without stock, your business will close down since you will have no products to sell.

=>Therefore, stock control is absolutely critical for the success of a retail business.

=> Retail Point of Sale POS System like SimbaPOS makes Stock Control extremely easy – Just receive stocks into the system and it will automatically deduct as you sell and show you the stock balances in real time.


=>Every business needs accurate records in order to monitor performance.

=>With Retail Point of Sale POS System in Coast Region, you get various reports including Sales reports, Stock reports, Expense reports, Gross profit among others.

All this reports can be generated for any time period therefore ensuring you’re in complete control of your business.

User Access Control

As a business owner, you can limit the information that your employees can access in your business.

Our Retail Point of Sale POS System in Mombasa provides granular access rights so that you can decide who can access what in your business information/records system.

Interested in a Retail Point of Sale POS System in Coast Region? Check Pricing or Explore Various Business Types

SimbaPOS is committed to providing reliable, affordable and easy to use Retail Point of Sale POS System in Mombasa. We go beyond just installation – our mission is to become your partner in business. We have an existing client base in the coast region and keen to grow with you! Contact us today on 0700001779 for a demo/more information

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We have used SimbaPOS in our restaurant and bar for over one year and I’m pleased with it. The software is very stable and reliable. I can recommend SimbaPOS to all restaurants

Michael S
Director, Royal Palace Restaurant and Pub
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