Home Residential CCTV Installers in Kenya

With a vast range of custom CCTV systems and security camera options at our disposal, we are your best choice for Home CCTV Cameras Installation in Kenya


Home CCTV Cameras Installation in Kenya Provides Four Key Benefits


Camera surveillance is a known deterrent for burglars considering breaking into to a property.


Keep watch over who is at your door before you open it and check in on your home and pets when you’re away via an app on your smart device.


Enjoy peace of mind with the reassurance that your home security is in safe hands.


Record the video from your home CCTV to hard drive, so that you have access to view everything the camera has picked up and view past events.

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    Why Install CCTV at Home?

    Surveillance of your property has many benefits as seen in our article the Benefits of CCTV Cameras Installation in Kenya. The key benefits are:

    Remote monitoring of your CCTV cameras from anywhere in the world from a PC, tablet or mobile phone (smartphone).

    Peace of mind – safe protection of your family and home.

    Deterrent to intruders and prevention of crime – prevent burglary and other criminal acts.

    Easier prosecutions using footage as evidence.

    CCTV works well together with home alarm installation.


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