How to Assess Good Quality CCTV Camera Systems in Kenya

CCTV Camera Systems in Kenya have become very popular and easily available for  businesses and homeowners. And with modern technology, they’re more effective, convenient to use, and easier to install than ever before. With how quickly cameras are improving, see our review of what makes a good security camera.

The camera brands and provider you work with can also be a huge factor in your system. SIMBAPOS provides free remote viewing via Smartphone, tablet, or computer absolutely free with no monthly fees or contracts. Our customers also enjoy unlimited tech support, free shipping, and a warranty on all CCTV Camera Systems in Kenya. CALL SIMBAPOS to talk with an expert about the ideal quality security cameras for your property.

High-Resolution Video

The video quality of the security cameras should be clear and sharp enough to make out faces and identify license places from a distance. Low-resolution video will make it difficult to identify would-be suspects after an incident. Opt for security cameras with at least 1080p, 1440p (2K), or 2160p (4K) Ultra HD resolution.

Powerful Infrared Night Vision Capability 

Good security cameras feature powerful infrared night vision technology that enables them to see 100ft or more in total darkness. This is a must-have feature when you need reliable day and night surveillance for indoor and outdoor monitoring.

Wide Angle Lens for Maximum Coverage 

A wide-angle lens captures video over a larger area, which means fewer blind spots for intruders. With quality wide-angle security cameras, you can see more of your field of view without having to pan the camera around. It also means you can use a single security camera to monitor a larger area, reducing the number of cameras you need to install and operate to cover the same space.

Motion Sensor Technology to Alert You of Activity

Another key sign of good indoor and outdoor security cameras is motion sensing technology. Motion sensors are programmed to detect motion in the camera’s field of view. You may program your camera system to alert you if someone’s at one of the entries to your property at a time you wouldn’t normally be expecting visitors. This is great for security purposes and makes monitoring your property far easier.

Durable and Weather-Resistant Housing

Quality security cameras should withstand wind, rain, and other harsh elements. They should have sturdy housings to ensure they can handle the extremes of outdoor environments. Quality camera housings are typically made of steel. Cheaper materials have a risk of warping their shape over time, especially with outdoor temperature changes.

Vandal-proof Housing

The housing on a good security camera should also help protect it from vandalism. Criminals may try to tear down or disable security cameras to remove the evidence of their bad behavior. Vandal-proof housing helps keep the camera well-protected against vandalism or damage. When installing cameras, it’s also advisable to mount them 8 feet or higher off the ground to keep them out of reach.

Recording Functionality

HD or Ultra HD recording functionality is a good sign of quality cameras. Recording in 1080p, or even the more recent Ultra HD will provide you with a good level of detail for viewing later on your PC, cell phone, or tablet. You’ll also need a video recorder (NVR or DVR) to record the footage with atleast 1TB Harddisk.

Easy to Set Up and Use

CCTV Systems in Kenya are easy to set up and use. You should get everything you need to complete setup, including the mobile apps and computer software required to access your security camera, in the package. Quality security cameras should take little time to mount and install and be easy to operate after installation is complete.

Call SIMBAPOS for Quality CCTV Camera Systems in Kenya

If you’re looking for good security cameras for your home, business, or other property, call SIMBAPOS  0700 001779. We’ll walk you through the process of determining what kind of cameras are best for your situation and offer advice on the best types of security cameras and features to consider.




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