Restaurant and Bar POS System in Mombasa

Restaurant Bar  POS System in Mombasa is ideal for both Small and Large Restaurants/Bars.

The SimbaPOS System has integrated modules to help you manage and grow your restaurant/bar operations such as Sales, Stock Control, User Access Rights, Reports plus more.

Key Features of the Restaurant Bar  POS System in Mombasa

Interested in a Restaurant Bar  POS System in Mombasa or Coast Region? Check Pricing or Call 0700 001779 or  Explore Various Business Types

Order Flow Management

=>Get your restaurant operations flowing smoothly and quickly through the POS System.

=>Let waiters place orders on the POS Touchscreen and the orders will automatically print a token at the kitchen, bar or the preparation point.

=>Add new Items to bill, Move Orders, Change Table, Split/Merge Orders.

=>Restrict Voiding Rights and Monitor Complimentary

Stock and Inventory Control

=>Create Multiple Stores such as Kitchen, Bar Counter, Main Store etc

=>Receive stocks, transfer stocks to various stores

=>Create Recipes for each product e.g. Tea – 200ml Milk, 1 Teabag, 20gms sugar. The system will automatically deduct each inventory whenever the product is sold.

=>Monitor costs and do stock reconciliations (Admin)

Sales Management

=>Make Sales through Cash, Mpesa, Credit Card or Mixed Payment.

=>Allow Credit transactions to customer account

=>Issue discounts (restricted to admin), split bills, merge bills

User Access Rights

=> Create User Roles such as Cashiers, Manager, Supervisor, Waiters

=> Assign access rights to the User Roles.

=> Create Users, Edit Users and remove users if they cease to work for your company.

=>Monitor user performance and make adjustments where necessary on access rights.

Reports Module

=> Sales Report for any time period

=> Payments breakdown Cash, Mpesa , Card, Credit

=> Staff/Waiters performance reports

=> Sales category-wise, Item Sales reports

=> Stock reports

=> Cost Reports

=> Plus many more reports

Interested in a Restaurant Bar  POS System in Mombasa or Coast Region? Check Pricing or Call 0700 001779 or Explore Various Business Types

SimbaPOS is committed to providing reliable, affordable and easy to use Retail Point of Sale POS System in Mombasa. We go beyond just installation – our mission is to become your partner in business. We have an existing client base in the coast region and keen to grow with you! Contact us today on 0700001779 for a demo/more information

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We have used SimbaPOS in our restaurant and bar for over one year and I’m pleased with it. The software is very stable and reliable. I can recommend SimbaPOS to all restaurants

Michael S
Director, Royal Palace Restaurant and Pub
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