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Product Info & Licensing

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Product Info & Licensing

What’s Included?

SimbaPOS comes standard with a full compliment of modules at no additional cost. There are no monthly fees and same-version downloadable updates are provided free of charge. 3rd party applications are not included and must be obtained separately.

POS Licensing

The pos application is licensed on a per-computer basis using a serial number generated for a specific pc name, pos station id and other hardware identifiers. Note that the serial number generated for a specific computer will not work on other computers. A license is required on all stations/terminals running SimbaPOS.

Tablet Server Licensing

A single tablet server license is required to run any number of tablets. Tablets are capable of printing customer receipts and prep tickets (including sending orders to the remote display).

Evaluation Version

Evaluation version users are not time limited and are able to thoroughly use all features to determine suitability for your business. When you decide to purchase SimbaPOS, the evaluation database can be retained and all menu, inventory, employee, configuration settings stored in the database and all local devices settings are saved.

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