How to Grow Your Restaurant Business

Growing a business is never easy, and trying to grow that business in the current economic climate is even harder.  In order to grow your restaurant business in Kenya,  these few key principles will of great benefit:

1. Hire the appropriate Staff

When clients visit your restaurant, they must receive a personal experience. This is something a lot of famous restaurants and other local food shops don’t offer and will make clients return to your place. With the intention of offering a first class service, you will have to acquire qualified associates. Having and keeping competent employees will make your clients always feel taken care of when they visit your restaurant, and with this, you will help you grow your restaurant business in Kenya.

In addition to the excellent restaurant service, don’t forget about the online service. Hire enough people so at least one of them can administrate the orders online. The clients online are just as important as the local ones and they deserve the same quality of assistance and service.

2. Be organized with your finances

If you wish to grow your restaurant, you must follow a strict budget. Make sure you are not wasting excessively in inventory, hiring too many employees or investing too much in services that are not worth it. By reviewing your companies spending, you may eliminate unnecessary cost, therefore, you can use that money in something better. In other words, you can make your business grow without carelessly wasting your profit and much less wasting your capital in a bad manner.

3. Be innovative when it comes to your marketing strategies

Unfortunately, you can’t expect old marketing strategies to work for your flaming restaurant. You need to invest your efforts in finding innovative marketing strategies that will lead that traffic of clients to the physical location of your restaurant. Is your current plan not driving the sales you were hoping for? Then this is the moment to go back to the planning table. Try new methods, like Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, or announcements in the local paper. Once you’ve tried different techniques of marketing, evaluate what works best to grow your restaurant business in Kenya.

4. Participate in local events

Create strong relationships with the people in your community by getting involved in local activities. Put up a stand in a local event or organize different activities in which the client can learn about the product you offer. They would be valid alternatives to making yourself known in the community. These opportunities will let you meet your client face to face. If they feel they know you and your product, you will have a higher probability of having them as regular customers, and the mouth-to-mouth will do the rest. All these initiatives in your community will help you grow your restaurant business in Kenya.

5. Reward your client’s loyalty

Use a customer loyalty program to recognize the clients that come back. By offering this, every time your clients come back, you will have more chances of having good opinions about your restaurant. It’s a simple way to help you grow your restaurant: your clients will be more likely to eat in your restaurant when they know they have a discount to take advantage of.

6. Ask for your clients’ opinion

Constructive criticism can help make your business prosper and can grow your restaurant. Send client satisfaction surveys and see what your clients appreciate of your business. Also, clients can have suggestions about how you can make improvements. Perhaps they want to see more of one certain kind of dish, or they have noticed problems when making orders online. This feedback will help your business grow constantly, and your clients will be thankful that their opinion is being taken into account.

7. Create and maintain high sales by big orders

Have you ever noticed how even the smallest restaurant offer their most delicious dishes for parties or business reunions? You can also implement this strategy and offer your food for delivery. Choose between your dishes the one you can offer in orders of big quantity, and offer it in beautiful and practical presentations and with competing prices. Encourage your clients to visit your restaurant’s location or online page to buy your unprecedented offers. These sales will help you make your product known, make additional sales and, hopefully, satisfy the needs of your clients, making your grow your restaurant business in Kenya.


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