Why you need a POS and Stock Management System in Kenya Integration

To keep up the leading position in today’s competitive retail market, you need a good POS and stock management system in Kenya to help you run the business properly.

And, to improve efficiency, gain visibility into your stock and automate your hardest jobs, you need an integrated POS with stock management system in Kenya.

Here are reasons Why you need a POS and Stock Management System in Kenya Integration

The integration between your Stock Management and POS system leaves a plenty of good benefits:

Save time, reduce costs

Quickly finalize an order – faster checkout processing:

No need to wait for a long time. Your customers will enjoy a quick and accurate checkout at an effective retail POS system. Every item with a barcode can be easily scanned and tagged. Sometimes, just carrying a  tablet is enough.

Track goods with high accuracy – Speed up stock management:

With inventory and barcode scanning system, you do not have to worry how much inventory you have on hand. POS system keeps track of that and you have information at a glance.

Minimize the chance of human errors

POS Inventory Management System allows the business owner to have multiple sales locations and track inventory at each location without being present. The boss can be away and no longer worry about employee theft. The efficiency of the staff can be maintained with the stock management system in Kenya.

Find data without receipts

You can search for any transaction you want by using the search engine, no matter how long ago the transaction occurred.

Up to date and close management

Updating sales reports 

Do not guess the sales trend, a good retail POS system provides you with up-to-the-minute sales reports for the day, week, month or year. It will show you the background of your business.

Real-time inventory tracking management

The system will warn when you’re too low, complete the PO, and track your providers. A complete tracking system helps you know what is going on in your business thus accurate stock management system in Kenya.

Market analysis to keep up with the trend

Know what are the best sellers and who’s selling the most? The reporting capabilities of the POS system can take care of that and help you make informed sales decisions.

Staff management 

The program helps you check who’s coming in early and who’s slacking off.

Improving CRM

Upgrade customer data 

Updating customer information has never been easier. You can send emails about campaigns and special occasion or sale-off program to your customer and more.

Reward point

Know your customers better by tracking what they buy and giving them points for each sale. That point will keep customers coming back for more shopping.

Customer loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are to encourage repetitive transactions and increase your average customer base. Discounts, coupons and free gifts can be easily managed for loyal customers.


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