Prevent Your Staff From Cheating Your Time Attendance System

Running a business with a couple of employees requires proper management – including time management. When the business gets busy, it can be difficult to keep track of your staff’s attendance. This is why you need a time attendance system for your business in Kenya to help you monitor and track your staff’s activities.

Suffice to say, no management want to distrust their employees (openly) as it can lead to a bad atmosphere and demoralized work force. Your employees are one of your primary assets, and a happy workforce is a productive one.

Unfortunately, somebody will always try to cheat the time attendance system somehow. Here are just a few ways it could happen to your business;

‘Forgetting’ to clock in or clock out, especially when one’s late.

When an employee conveniently forgets, most management is lenient and let them off the hook. This comes from trusting your employees; however, if they do this, then it is impossible to prove just how late they have been or how early they are leaving work.

Being insincere about start times and finish times, especially at the beginning of the week/ end of week

Some employees can take advantage of your workplace and your leniency by not being honest about the hours they are working. Without a proper clocking in place, these employees are likely to get away with it, and that will encourage other employees to do the same.

Having fellow staff clock in/out for them

This is one of the more common problems with less modern time attendance systems for  your business in Kenya. If you are using a card-based system or PIN numbers, or even a paper system it is easy for an employee to get another employee to mark them down as having attended or gone home on time without actually being present.

How can you mitigate?

Good management practice means that you should treat all employees equally and eliminate any misunderstandings through a sophisticated and efficient time and attendance system for your business in Kenya .

There is a wide range of options available, but a biometric time and attendance system such as a fingerprint clocking in-terminal is an efficient and reliable system. Biometric fingerprint time and attendance systems use an employees fingerprint to recognise them and clock them in and out thereby eliminating the possibility of impersonation.

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