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SimbaPOS is a Restaurant and Bar POS Software. SimbaPOS is affordable, reliable and easy to use software ideal for restaurants, bars, cafes and all types of eateries. Our goal is to become the number one restaurant and bar POS software in Kenya.

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As providers of restaurant software in Kenya, we work closely with our clients to ensure that the software has the best features and offers value for money. Working with our partners, we endeavor to provide a complete restaurant POS system and bar POS System in Kenya that includes software, hardware and support.  Our specialization in POS for bars and POS for restaurants is anchored on our commitment to ensure that owners can easily manage and grow their business-using an affordable point of sales systems in Kenya. Suffice to say, POS is no longer the preserve of only the biggest restaurants/bars.

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Bar and restaurant POS software has to be reliable and easy to use in order to offer maximum value. On top of this, the POS software for restaurants and bars has to have extensive reporting features so as to provide insights on the performance of the business. For quick input and ease of use, restaurant POS software has to support touch POS system by default. Even a simple POS software, whether bar POS or restaurant POS,  needs to have access rights and security features.


The best restaurant and bar POS software in Kenya has to be able to support local workflows and payment modes like MPESA.  Further, the restaurant POS software should allow for online reporting or automatically send email reports to a designated email address.  Finally, there should be a robust support system in place including a networking of resellers and partners to assist clients in case of challenges. SimbaPOS has one of the best POS software reseller program in Kenya

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