Reasons You Need POS Software For Your Restaurant Business

Starting a business is like bringing a new life into the world.  It needs the same amount of care and nourishment that a child would need during its growth. It is therefore imperative to choose every business product, software and make business decisions with utmost care and precision for this will determine the business growth. Point of Sale (Billing) software in Kenya helps in doing precisely that.

As the name suggests, a Point of Sale (Billing) software in Kenya aids in billing. While billing is what it is built to do, the software itself does much more than that. A good billing software calculates bills, makes invoices, adds appropriate taxes and manage inventory.

Point of Sale (Billing) software in Kenya for a restaurant is kind of “Jack of all trades” in software.  It lifts half the burden off the restaurant owner’s head and makes running the challenging restaurant business a relatively easy one.  Of course, the software cannot fulfill all your business needs, but it aids in running a business without much difficulty. A Restaurant POS Software prints bills & receipts, manages inventory and menu, discounts, the customers and management.

How does Point of Sale (Billing) software in Kenya for restaurants help?

1. Inventory management

Inventory management is one thing that even the most experienced restaurant owners and management dread.  Efficient inventory management and reporting can make or break a business. With new restaurants coming up and competition increasing efficient management of the inventory is an absolute must to stay ahead in the game. The restaurant POS software must be able to track every ingredient in the kitchen, send alerts if any ingredient falls below the minimum mark thus helping the management make sure that there is no shortage of resources at any point of time. A POS software with a useful inventory management feature plays a crucial role in the restaurant’s profit-making.

2. Reporting

An efficient POS software must be able to generate timely reports on the running of the business. The software must be able to report appropriate sales accurately, sales by item, cost of food, frequently ordered an item from the menu, cost of labor, tables occupied, tables empty, manage the crowd, and the number of customers and other performance indicators. A good restaurant POS  software doubles up as a performance management software and provides real-time reporting.

3. Takeaway and delivery

An intelligent restaurant billing software must have the option to manage takeaways and deliveries. It should manage the order, assign it to the right person, track the delivery and make sure the food reaches the customers on time before the food becomes cold.

Starting a restaurant business is a promising one with tremendous opportunities. Everyone needs to eat, and it’s one of the first things where people need to spend money.

4. Marketing

Marketing your restaurant is very crucial for a business and can be the deal breaker – this being the age of social media, it is imperative for your business to mark its presence there. The POS software can announce discounts, offers and festival specials on social media and send customized messages to regular customers to give them loyalty points.

5. Online ordering

With increased traffic and a busy lifestyle, many people prefer ordering food from the comforts of their home instead of going out. Therefore, online ordering is now no more an option but an essential feature that determines the success of your business. The restaurant POS software must be able manage, track and deliver online orders quickly and efficiently.

6. Customer feedback

Customer feedback and satisfaction are one of the vital factors for a successful business, and it can be said that the customers are the backbone of a restaurant business.  It is important to take customer’s feedback for continuous improvement of the restaurant and increase business productivity. The restaurant software must have this feature where the customers can voice their opinions, changes in the menu they would like to have, and their positive feedbacks will help gain more new customers.


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Starting a restaurant business is a promising one with tremendous opportunities. Everyone needs to eat, and it’s one of the first things where people need to spend money. The food business, therefore, is evergreen. But running one is not a walk in the park. With the right people, menu, and the right software to support the business, one can make this business a huge success. The Point of Sale (Billing) software in Kenya that one uses in the restaurant must be chosen carefully to meet each one of the business needs.

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