How to Organize Supermarket Shelves for Product Display in Kenya

Proper display and merchandising of products is critical to retail and other supermarket stores. Organising Supermarket Shelves for Product Display in Kenya encourage customers to buy more as it helps customers to find what they want. Apart from shelving, it is also necessary that supermarket display racks use the store layout optimally and decide where to place the products so that it enables purchases.

There is a lot of thought put into where each item is to be positioned so that it lures the shoppers to buy more by getting their attention.

Placement of  Supermarket Shelves for Product Display in Kenya

Placing items strategically has a massive impact on the customer’s purchase. The products that are costly is always placed at the top of the shelf, and those products that are popular among people and come looking for it is situated on the lower shelves. The item that is most likely to entice the customer is placed at the eye level. Read below to know more details about the various shelf placements.

Top shelves

The top Supermarket Shelves for Product Display in Kenya is reserved for items that are either costly or does not sell a lot. It is a part of the shelf where customers reach less, and hence you can store products that are in-house, limited editions, etc. in those areas.

Reach shelves

These supermarket display stands are also called as eye-level shelves, or bull’s eye as only the best selling and leading products are put here. Since most of the shoppers look at this part of the supermarket for buying stuff, it is considered as a premium area. You can also place next best brands in this area along with the best sellers.

Reach shelves for kids

Another trend noticed among shoppers is the increase in kids coming to supermarkets along with their parents. So Supermarket Shelves for Product Display in Kenya stores place items that kids like and can reach out. The products that cater to kids will have designs that look attractive to children, and that mostly means more money to your supermarket.

Bottom shelves

Ssupermarket shelves manufacturers suggest placing Items that are large and heavy to be placed on the bottom shelves. Also, it is more convenient for the customers to lift and carry them from the shelf to the cash register.

Supermarket display shelf for fresh food display: There is a need for considerable attention to detail when it comes to displaying fresh produce in your supermarket. To make it alluring to the eyes of the customer you should consider alternating greens with carrots, bell peppers, etc. To ensure that bakery products are visually appealing have a black background with display shelves made of glass. Ensure that the foods are visible.

Store Planning using supermarket display stands: Milk, cheese, eggs, bread and related products should be placed in the farthest corner of your store. That will ensure that the customers get to see more products that you have in your store, which may induce them to buy more items. Chocolates, magazines, etc. should be placed at the cash register so that they can buy it on an impulse.


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