How To Take Your Restaurant Online and Make It Great

Truth be said, the online world is the currently the primary source of information for most people. You may have been running your establishment for sometime or you’re planning to open a new joint. Whatever your reason, there’s never been a more critical time to develop a loyal and substantial online following for your restaurant than now. From getting social media followers to maintaining a well coordinated engagement with clients or potential clients online, you can pursue lots of options to take your business to the next level online.

Develop Your Social Media Presence

The Internet has greatly evolved and now there is a vast variety of social media sites for users of all ages. So, which is the best option for you to utilize to get the maximum amount of followers? Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer for everyone. The best option is to maintain a presence on a variety of sites while focusing on the ones that attract your target audience. For older crowds, this might mean a Facebook page with frequent updates about current specials or offerings. For millennials and the younger people, concentrate on Instagram and Tik Tok plus Twitter. Whatever you choose, understand that there are several important rules for gaining (and keeping) followers.

Present clear, correct, and complete information.

People will visit your site to see what type of food you serve, your location, and operating hours. Beyond this necessary information, they will often look for reviews, contact information, and instructions on how to make a reservation. Any incorrect or confusing information will stand out, and not in a good way.  If you have any reviews that are less than stellar, you need to know how to respond to negative reviews.

Update often.

Sites that have been inactive, that is, without updates or posts for a lengthy amount of time, do not show up in current news feeds. You will keep your followers more interested if you periodically post updates about your restaurant – this might include posts about special offers, specialty happy hours, or even a look behind the scenes to meet the staff.

Be available.

Facebook and other sites have begun to report on “response times,” or how quickly a page administrator responds. Lengthy response times will turn people away, while a short turnaround will show that your business is professional and courteous.

If maintaining a single or several pages is too daunting a task, you may consider hiring someone to manage your social media accounts. Just ensure that the person you hire is familiar with your business and your vision for your social media presence.

Maintain a Website

Social media is a powerful way to attract business, but along with a Facebook page, you’ll want to maintain an actual website to help advertise your restaurant. Before you decide to go out and build your site, it’s best to discuss your options with a professional web design company like so you can focus on other more critical tasks like managing your restaurant. It’s better to hire a professional that knows what they’re doing because you need to have professional brand look and feel with all the relevant information your customers are looking for.

Here are some examples of the info you need on your website.  Your website should contain the following necessary information about your business:

Operating hours;

A map to your location; and

A basic description of your business.

It should also have additional content such as instructions for parking or pictures of your food and menu. The information on your website should remain consistent; if you have updates about specials or unique deals, it should go on your social media pages or stories. Ensure there is a working link to your website on these social networks, should your followers want more information. Additionally, you may want to add your menu on your website so that your customers can order online.

Tip: It’s a great idea to complete your social media profiles and website before starting a new restaurant to avoid impersonation, however; it’s never too late to do so.


An easy way to gain a following is to collaborate with another business, a charity, or even another restaurant. That way, you can tap into their followers, as well as attract entirely new people. Consider holding a charity night at your restaurant and donating a percentage of the profits or hosting an office’s holiday party. You might even collaborate with the nearby businesses and local music bands to host a “block party” for the neighborhood.

Ensure the attendees know your social media handles and that your privacy settings allow you to be tagged in their posts – this is an easy and free way to advertise and get positive exposure. In the event of a charity event or party, you might consider talking to the local news agencies and inviting them to do a story.

Most social media sites have made it extremely easy to do the initial page set-up. What will make your restaurant stand out from others is working hard to maintain your presence? You should strike a balance between keeping your restaurant on everyone’s front pages, without overwhelming them with constant updates. Those who can do this will find both their business and their online presence growing day by day.


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