How to Deal with the 5 Most Important People in Your Restaurant/Bar

Running a restaurant and/or bar is not an easy task. There are several things that always require your attention and very many variables. You get to deal with many people on a day to day business and it may easily overwhelm you. However complex the task may seem, this is how to deal with the 5 most important people in your restaurant/bar operations:


The proprietors/owners of the restaurant/bar form the cornerstone of the business.

They have put in their money, resources and future in the restaurant/bar.

The success of failure of the business will directly affect them.

They’ve got the most to LOSE….or GAIN.

Therefore, their interests should be given top priority as long as they’re within the limits of the grand scheme of things-success of the business.

Even if you’re the owner of the restaurant/bar, it’s important to disassociate yourself and assume you’re working for an “owner” or “investor”….who is among the most important people in your restaurant/bar

As such, the interests of the owner should be documented and form the basis of any operational decisions of the business. For example, if owners want the club to be “exclusive”, then as a manager you should focus all your marketing, service, décor etc strategies towards making the club exclusive.

In simple terms, the interests of the owners/investors always come first.

2.Suppliers and Service Providers

These are the external components that ensure your restaurant/bar runs.

These are the people who supply the drinks, food etc that you sell. The people who provide the Point of Sale Software System.The electricians, plumbers etc.

Always endeavor to build a strong working relationship with your suppliers/service providers.

Understand how they operate and let them know what you require from them.

Clearly agree on reasonable service delivery timelines.

Make it a priority to always pay suppliers/service providers on time. In case there are any delays, take initiative and inform them in advance that payment may delay as well when they can expect their money. And keep your promise.

The importance of suppliers/service providers cannot be overstated. When you have a good working relationship with them, they are likely to offer you the best.  Imperatively, your business will run smoothly.


Staff are the engine that runs your restaurant/bar. They’re on the top 5 most important people in your restaurant/bar

They are at the very core of the business operations.

Take time when recruiting employees; you cannot afford to make mistakes.

Hire people with the right attitude. Trustworthy and reliable.  And positive vibes. The last thing you want is dull, gloomy people dealing with your clients.

Train your staff. Never assume that they know what is required of them. Even if they have previous working experience, always train them afresh before they start their new job.

Treat your staff well. Happy staff will treat customers well.

Let your staff know the Golden Rule: CUSTOMER IS KING.

Staff must always treat customers with respect, warmth and professionalism.

Give your staff incentives and rewards for exemplary work.

Pay them well. Even better, pay them on time.


At the heart of every restaurant/bar are customers.

Without customers, everything else is meaningless.

In other words, customers are the most important people in your restaurant/bar

Always treat your customers well. Go the extra mile to make them happy. Give them a reason to come back again.

Provide service with a smile as well as prompt delivery of orders. Ensure that your restaurant/bar offers a clean, safe and orderly environment. Thank them for choosing you and let them know they’re welcome again.

Always ask for feedback. And endeavor to incorporate feedback as well as continuous improvement. Failure to do this will mean you lose customers and inevitably close down.

Never quarrel with a customer. CUSTOMER IS KING. CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT.


Be on the right side of the law.

Get all regulatory and statutory licenses. Ensure your licenses are always up to date and current.

Don’t take shortcuts.  Put in place all safety and security measures.  It may seem unnecessary now but you’ll be grateful if disaster strikes.

Keep close contact with local government security organs. The local police, chief and community policing. Especially if you operate a bar. Stuff happens.

And lastly, give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. Pay your taxes. Work with your accountant

on how best to honor your tax obligations.


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